Diagnosing Windows – Sysinternals

I always found it odd that there are actually quite excellent tools made by Microsoft to diagnose issues with Windows but failed to include it with Windows while offering them for free.

What am I talking about you ask? I mean Windows Sysinternals. Or you can get the full package by getting Sysinternals Suite. Sysinternals Suite contains 70 sub-programs which are made to diagnose various issues in Windows. You can download them separately if you want.

Most notable programs include:

Process Explorer

Ever felt that your task manager sucks? That it should have more details on processes, better sorting, color coded separation, etc.? Well, here it is. No need to look for 3rd party softwares. This is probably the best option and it’s by the same people who made your operating system. For free too.


If you are a frequent user of any Linux based operating system, you’re probably used to seeing ram usage showing inclusion of caches. RAMMap will show cache usages! How much is used by kernel, device drivers, etc. See what exactly is using how much memory. Unlike the one in task manager, this will actually add up to total used RAM.


Do you want multiple desktops like in Linux? You’d think this makes a good feature to advertise with. But I guess they thought they’d just leave it as a small program that no one really knows about.

There are tons more utilities available by Microsoft at technet, feel free to browse them!


Disclaimer: I didn’t take the screenshots of these images. Just googled them.

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