Stable Diffusion – AI Art

Stable Diffusion - AI Art
Art is a career path I cut off fairly early in my life. While I enjoyed drawing and have attended art classes until end of high school, I found my calling elsewhere in computer science. But art has never left me from my professional career. Through web and product design as well as photography, it ...

It’s 2022, and a website I created for a hobby in 2001 lives on. 1

It's 2022, and a website I created for a hobby in 2001 lives on.
Wow, it is 2022. And I’m maintaining a website, called Arts of Arc Headquarters, that no one has likely visited for over a decade now. It’s a website dedicated to my gaming clan dating all the way back to 2001. We played a game called Attack Retrieve Capture (ARC) and have been part of many ... is 11 years, 11 months and 11 days old! 1

Today marks the eleventh year eleventh month eleventh day of Serving little purpose for nearly 12 years and many more to come! Time sure flies…, a new TLD

I can’t help but feel giddy about how there are so many new TLDs coming out, creating new opportunities in a market where it feels like every domain you want is already taken. While the introduction of new TLDs and their increased usage may decrease price of getting a new TLD, I can’t also help but ...

Watch Stuff Live!

Watch DDoS live Watch Airplanes fly in live Watch ships sail in live   Just random & interesting sites I found. 😛