is 11 years, 11 months and 11 days old!

Today marks the eleventh year eleventh month eleventh day of Serving little purpose for nearly 12 years and many more to come! Time sure flies…, a new TLD

I can’t help but feel giddy about how there are so many new TLDs coming out, creating new opportunities in a market where it feels like every domain you want is already taken. While the introduction of new TLDs and their increased usage may decrease price of getting a new TLD, I can’t also help but ...

Watch Stuff Live!

Watch DDoS live Watch Airplanes fly in live Watch ships sail in live   Just random & interesting sites I found. 😛

New Server! 1

Just installed on a full SSD server. 😀 Loving the speed~~!   I kind of wonder why I write random stuff on a site no one reads… (except that VNC tutorial… maybe I should write more tutorials)

Entire site in SSL

Entire is now in SSL. 😀 Why? Because it’s nicer.   And some additional security in backend that you probably won’t see…