, a new TLD

I can’t help but feel giddy about how there are so many new TLDs coming out, creating new opportunities in a market where it feels like every domain you want is already taken. While the introduction of new TLDs and their increased usage may decrease price of getting a new TLD, I can’t also help but feel that I’m wasting more money now because of it. I own, clearly. And as the one who uses that mark, it’s only prudent of me to safeguard that mark. So with the release of new .land TLD, it was prudent of me to buy However as I review my account full of domain purchases surrounding similar named domains to other marks that I use, I find myself paying for a hoard of domains renewals that I likely will never use, but must do so in order to keep my name unique.

Just buying one domain feels so cheap. So cheap that you think paying for a few more to keep your identity unique would be worth it. But where does the slippery slope begin and end?

I just hope that with the ever expanding TLDs available, my wallet can keep up with it.

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