It’s 2022, and a website I created for a hobby in 2001 lives on. 1

Wow, it is 2022. And I’m maintaining a website, called Arts of Arc Headquarters, that no one has likely visited for over a decade now. It’s a website dedicated to my gaming clan dating all the way back to 2001. We played a game called Attack Retrieve Capture (ARC) and have been part of many tournaments. Time sure flies and I’m not even quite sure why I’m still keeping this. Perhaps nostalgia, perhaps missing the time I shared with friends.

AoA in LAL Tournament in 2003

I’m finally getting rid of the domain which I registered on 2003 April 3rd after saying no more to free domain I used in the past. Now, I will be moving it to a new subdomain of Though it doesn’t cost a whole lot to keep a domain (and thus why I’ve kept it for so long), but I’m not sure there’s any value to keeping it at this point.

Much sure has changed since then. And I’m currently living in a perpetual pandemic. I’m not sure if the past me would believe such a thing. Much else has also changed in the internet world, and that’s why I felt the need to harden up that website if I continue to have the desire to keep it up. Technologies are getting old and insecure. Many parts of this website’s access was already removed, but now even more have been cordoned off. There is no login, there is no forums–which have been the heart and soul of the website and our memories. It’s a pity that it could not be kept, but it’s not like I can possibly keep a software made for twenty years ago alive and kicking.

I think I was quite proud of the programming work I’ve done for this website back then. Heck, I think this website still looks pretty darn great for the time. But as I look back at the code, there are so many problems everywhere. They had to be reworked and hardened.

We had a strong run for a decade, and another decade has passed. I may continually miss that place. Despite the slow death it is currently facing, perhaps it will never completely die.

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  1. Reply John aka oTaCon Apr 3,2022 9:12 pm

    Wow! ARC is such a great game…I found while doing some searching for some of the older players’ names. The top hit was! PLease keep your ARC related content up FOREVER!!!!!

    By the way we are still playing ARC at the ‘website’ that I entered before filling out this reply….the game is called Armor Critical.

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