Stable Diffusion – AI Art

Art is a career path I cut off fairly early in my life. While I enjoyed drawing and have attended art classes until end of high school, I found my calling elsewhere in computer science. But art has never left me from my professional career. Through web and product design as well as photography, it stuck with me. With the growing popularity of AI in imaging, stable diffusion captured my attention. It was a meeting of my two passions since early age. For the past month or so, I’ve been spending possibly a little too much time having fun drawing—something I haven’t done so since I was a teenager.

Woman walking down an ancient ruined roads covered by grand architecture

With the assistance of AI, I find myself able to draw things that were far beyond my normal level of skill. And create hyper realistic images that would fool people of being a photo. My stick figures become works of art that look as if I commissioned a highly talented artist to draw.

Realistic drawing of a girl playing a guitar in a vintage theme street
Hey ma! I got nice fingers!

My main tools have been Automatic1111 with various models for the AI generation with Photoshop plugin to streamline the flow. And XP-PEN Artist 15.6 Pro as a drawing tablet.

Not sure how long this new interest will last, but I’ll be posting my little pieces in a separate page, AI Art by Me.

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