New site! (yet again…)

Grumpyland is now up and running again with Mambo as its CMS (again). Personally, I don’t know how many times I have revived this website. Making one is often followed by a period of neglect enough to break the site down. Of course, it’s then followed by yet another resurrection. Perhaps it’s just like the Mayan philosophy of death giving birth to life only to continue the cycle. Maybe all that is gibberish and it could simply be the description of what this site does — nothing.

Maybe I should just use it like a blog… But then, blogs also have a purpose, don’t they?

I have always dreamt of putting up a new page, all custom made to my ideal perfection. But, in the end, I frequently end up using a CMS to do the job for me. Afterall, that ideal image is just a design that can be applied anywhere and why bother making the whole thing from scratch when someone has already done half the work for me? But, one might ask, why Mambo? Out of the dozens of content management systems out there, why Mambo? Frankly, I was first going to go with phpwcms ( It’s pretty much the most lightweight CMS out there – as I don’t need much for this site. It also had the cute usage of CVS & Google Code. I guess finding that cute tells something about me. Continuing on… I downloaded it and was just an inch away from uploading it. But before doing so, I have to uninstall my previous installation of mambo unless I want large amount of junk left on my server. But to figure out which files are from mambo and which are not was a task completely on its own. To figure out which files belonged to mambo, I downloaded Mambo so I get get the list of files it uses.

Perhaps it was some sort of attachment to the CMS I was previously using. Perhaps I was addicted to the weird little asterisk logo Mambo uses. Or maybe it had something to do with having smaller learning curve to use it. I don’t really know. All I know for certain is…. here is Mambo.

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