New WP Theme! 1

New WP Theme!
Two blogs in 1 day? Must be a miracle. Also seems like change of theme posts make a significant portion of this blog. xD This new theme is Montezuma By BytesForAll. Very clean and clear theme, something opposite from the previous which was a dark theme.

Settings for Uploading Large Files in PHP.ini 3

tl;dr version at bottom.   A long time ago, when I pondered of good settings to allow large file uploads for PHP, I naturally searched Google. I blindly followed at the time. How could I have known better? There were millions of bad advices! But now I know better. And so in hopes to offset ...

New Server! 1

Just installed on a full SSD server. 😀 Loving the speed~~!   I kind of wonder why I write random stuff on a site no one reads… (except that VNC tutorial… maybe I should write more tutorials)

Entire site in SSL

Entire is now in SSL. 😀 Why? Because it’s nicer.   And some additional security in backend that you probably won’t see…

Value Click Media (Ad Network) Review 1

Over many years, I’ve had the experience with working with many ad agencies and ad networks that operate on the Internet such as Google Adsense, Value Click, adBrite, etc. Today, I figured I should write a review on one of them for once. ^^ I’ve used VCM for nearly a year now and it has ...