Where’s the new design?

Well, I wrote in April that I’m going to be putting up a new layout/design for this website. It’s November now and it clearly hasn’t happened. What happened? Well, nothing happened. That’s why it’s not here. 😛 I did try to do it for a couple of hours, then lots of more fun things jumped ...

New Layout for Website

New Layout for Website
The current layout as we see now is from Sitegrounds as a free Mambo template. To be honest, I really hate it, but out of the available options, it was the best one in my opinion. Naturally, it was only going to be a temporary solution to the look and feel problem, but with lack ...

Netfirms, wow!

I was just googling around today on various things that relate to me… And there was one thing that was really surprising. My extremely old website hosted on netfirms from back in… 2001~2 was STILL UP!!! It had no hits prior to me visiting (so says the counter at the bottom, indicating zero). Well, at ...

Microsoft Word 2k7

I would just like to say…. I love Microsoft Word 2007.

Sheer Awesomeness

(12:01:04 AM) Jama: not peter park (12:01:11 AM) Jama: he’s a cool cat (12:01:37 AM) Jama: who runs into the danger of stack overflowing on his own awesomeness Jama – pioverpi.net