Diagnosing Windows – Sysinternals

I always found it odd that there are actually quite excellent tools made by Microsoft to diagnose issues with Windows but failed to include it with Windows while offering them for free. What am I talking about you ask? I mean Windows Sysinternals. Or you can get the full package by getting Sysinternals Suite. Sysinternals ...

New WP Theme! 1

New WP Theme!
Two blogs in 1 day? Must be a miracle. Also seems like change of theme posts make a significant portion of this blog. xD This new theme is Montezuma By BytesForAll. Very clean and clear theme, something opposite from the previous which was a dark theme.

Settings for Uploading Large Files in PHP.ini 3

tl;dr version at bottom.   A long time ago, when I pondered of good settings to allow large file uploads for PHP, I naturally searched Google. I blindly followed at the time. How could I have known better? There were millions of bad advices! But now I know better. And so in hopes to offset ...

New Server! 1

Just installed grumpyland.com on a full SSD server. 😀 Loving the speed~~!   I kind of wonder why I write random stuff on a site no one reads… (except that VNC tutorial… maybe I should write more tutorials)

Entire site in SSL

Entire grumpyland.com is now in SSL. 😀 Why? Because it’s nicer.   And some additional security in backend that you probably won’t see…